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Stanislav Podhrázský and friends

Stanislav Podhrázský and friends

In 2020, the centenary of the birth of one of the most distinctive Czech artists of the post-war generation, Stanislav Podhrázský (1920–1999), passed almost unnoticed – in part because of the limitations on cultural life resulting from the anti-Covid measures. According to Marie Klimešová, Podhrázský is one of just a few Czech artists who – had it not been for Communism – would undoubtedly have achieved European fame thanks to the unique and timeless nature of their work. His unusual lyrical form characterised by a distinctive sense of unease combines artistic trends of that period such as Surrealism, abstraction and New Figuration, while at the same time its spontaneous expression preserves Podhrázský’s characteristic personality.

22. 10. 2023 —
04. 02. 2023
#Galerie IV

Exhibition opening: 21st of October 2023