Policy for the Processing and Protection of Personal Data (further only “Policy”)

The aim of this policy issued by the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region, Barborská 51–53, 284 01 Kutná Hora, Company ID: 00069922 (further only “GASK”) is to provide you with information about what personal data we gather, how we handle it, what sources we get them from, what purposes we use them for, to whom we may provide them, where you can find information about the personal data that we process, and the individual security options for each of you.

1. What personal data do we collect about you, how do we collect it, and for how long do we process it?

We collect personal data in accordance with laws regulating the field of personal data protection, in particular Act no. 110/2019 on personal data processing as amended, Act no. 480/2004 on certain information society services, and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council – the General Data Protection Regulation (further only “GDPR”). We keep a database of personal data and are the controller of this data. We collect and further process personal data:

on the basis of the law, whereby the provision of our services is bound to the processing of your personal data. Specifically, this involves mainly the processing of data necessary for the performance of a concluded contract, the meeting of our legal obligations, the defence of our justified interest or the justified interest of a third party, and the fulfilment of a task performed in the public interest.

on the basis of your consent, which you may refuse or revoke at any time.

We collect personal data for your clear and unmistakable identification (identifying information), personal data enabling contact with you (contact information), and other information associated with our relationships:

Personal identifying information is understood to mean your name, surname, title, permanent address, nationality, age, and sex;

Personal contact information is understood to mean, among other things, your contact address, telephone number, e-mail address, and other similar information;

The specific extent of your collected data is always detailed in the specific consent provided or in the information on personal data processing. We may entrust the processing of your personal data to external entities that provide us with administrative and specialized or technical support, or that perform marketing, commercial, or other specific activities for us (further only “Processors”). Both GASK and the Processors have no intention of transferring the personal data to a third country or passing it on to an international organization.

In the case of legal processing, we process the data for the period established by law; for voluntary processing, we do so for the period indicated in the consent. After the end of the period of justified processing, we cease to process your personal data and will dispose of it.

GASK does not engage in automated individual decision-making or profiling.

2. From what sources to we acquire your personal data?

Directly from you when you sign up to receive information or services;

From other entities if you have given your consent;

From publicly accessible registers, lists, and records.

3. For what purposes do we use and process your personal data?

For the purpose of carrying out GASK’s activities and for the purpose of informing the public about these activities (primarily for sending out newsletters, invitations to exhibition openings, and information about programmes, projects, and exhibitions).

4. How do we ensure the protection of your personal data?

The personal data is under our constant physical, electronic, and procedural control; we possess technical, security, and control mechanisms for protecting the processed data from unauthorised access or transfer, from loss or destruction, and from other possible misuse; all persons who come into contact with your personal data in the course of their work or contractual obligations are bound by a legal or contractual obligation of confidentiality which continues even after the end of their employment or contractual relationship with us.

5. To whom can or must we provide your personal data?

To our Processors, who carry out partial or complete processing for us under the relevant personal data processing contract.

6. What are your options in relation to the voluntary processing and transfer of personal data?

In the case of voluntary processing, it is solely up to your free decision whether or not to consent with the extent proposed by us, to restrict it, or to not provide consent. We are bound by the scope of the provided consent and fully respect it. You may revoke or change your consent or alter its scope. If you do not provide your consent or if you revoke it, we are obligated to end the processing of your personal data within a reasonable period of time reflecting our technical and administrative possibilities. You may re-grant your consent to the processing of your personal data.

7. What access do you have to your personal data and what are our obligations?

You can request information about what personal data we process about you by contacting GASK at its address or via e-mail at cudova@gask.cz. We will put together information to the extent required by law without undue delay and will transmit it to you electronically via e-mail, unless another method of transmission has been expressly agreed. We may demand reimbursement of the costs associated with the provision of this information, for instance postage costs.

Furthermore, you may contact us at any time to request that the personal data that we process on the basis of your consent or on the basis of a concluded contract be transferred to another controller.

Should you discover or should you believe that the processing of your personal data by us or by our chosen Processors has violated your rights or breached legally established obligations, you may seek redress from GASK. You may also contact the Office for Personal Data Protection directly with your concerns.

8Changes to your personal data

For proper and correct processing, we must be notified of any changes to your personal data. If we discover on our own that your personal data is not true or complete, you will be asked to correct it; failure to do so may affect the services we provide to you.

9. Where can you file any objections to the processing of personal data and revoke consent to processing or request its transfer?

You may at any time file an objection to the processing of your personal data, revoke your consent, or change the scope of the processing; this may done in any of the following ways:

via e-mail to cudova@gask.cz or via written notification sent to GASK’s mailing address

10. How do we inform about the policies and rules of personal data processing and protection?

This policy is publicly available on the website www.gask.cz