GASK’s library is open to anyone with an interest in fine art

The mission of GASK’s library, which collects publications about fine art, is to serve the gallery’s staff as well as interested individuals from the ranks of external experts and private researchers.

Its collection of books, whose main thematic focus is on Czech modern art and related disciplines (architecture, design, typography), contains numerous monographic studies, exhibition catalogues, guides to domestic and international museums and galleries, encyclopaedias and publications intended for the general public. Also available are a number of magazines, bulletins and one-off printed materials.

The library also helps put together GASK’s programmes, the main goal of which is to present interdisciplinary subjects in which visual culture overlaps with literature, music, film, history and philosophy. To this end, the gallery collaborates with leading artists, art theorists and historians.

Please write us with your research questions or to arrange a library visit:

Petr Adámek

Librarian and documents specialist P: +420 602 303 172

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