A place to gather with friends, relax after touring an exhibit or just to delight the senses

Kafírnictví v GASK

Kafírnictví v GASK is the younger ‘sister’ of Kutná Hora’s Kafírnictví. With its location at GASK, it is has all the prerequisites become a key part of any gallery visit, but it also hopes to attract other tourists and especially local residents who aren’t currently planning to visit one of our exhibitions.

The café offers a pleasant atmosphere for relaxing within the grand spaces of the Jesuit College, a place where visitors are surrounded by modern and contemporary art. The public can visit Kafírnictví v GASK and the adjoining exhibition space without paying admission, thus allowing visitors to combine coffee with art. Another benefit of the café’s large and inspiring spaces is that it offers a great opportunity to work undisturbed on your laptop or have work meetings.

The planned food options are sure to meet your yearning for excellent coffee with something sweet on the side. New on the menu, the café also offers snacks and smoothies that are sure to satisfy smaller appetites over the course of the day. Visitors can look forward to select coffee (100% Arabica, espresso and filter coffee) from the Czech roasters Candycane Coffee and Father’s Coffee Roastery. The drinks menu also includes excellent teas, lemonades, smoothies and other beverages depending on the season. Visitors looking for snacks can choose from sandwiches, homemade spreads, hummus or salads. The selection of sweets will depend on the day’s production of popular cakes and other desserts at the Kafírnictví ‘mothership’. The menu is rounded off by homemade granola and cookies.

The café also sells refreshments to go in environmentally sustainable packaging, some of which can be returned for a deposit either at Kafírnictví v GASK or at Kafírnictví on Palackého náměstí.

Let yourself be guided (and beguiled) by art and excellent coffee at GASK!


Martina Moličová, tel.: +420 608 838 702

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