This exhibition by the avant-garde design duo of Zdeněk Vacek and Daniel Pošta explores the ritual transformation experienced by wearers of the Zorya line of jewellery. Vacek and Pošta always work on several lines of jewellery (made of precious gems, surgical steel, linen thread, diamonds, pearls, and lab-grown crystals) concurrently, and always in natural succession with their earlier work.

The founding of Studio Zorya in 2011 was preceded by many years of collaboration between jeweller Zdeněk Vacek and designer Daniel Pošta. Over time, the central theme in their work became apparent – time as a positive factor and creative process. This idea is personified by the figure of the trinity of the protector of the firmament. In Slavic mythology, Zorya is the evening, midnight, and morning star. She is usually depicted as a woman who every night transforms from a young girl into a mother and from a mother into an old woman. Every evening she is born anew, and every morning she fades away. Her power radiates from her never-ending transformation. Similarly, wearers of ZORYA jewellery represent not just one age group. They share a natural creativity, positive energy, and a calm strength, founded on inner harmony with the passing of time

The ZORYA studio is winner of the most prestigious Czech design award, Czech Grand Design, and has exhibited its works at numerous international trade fairs and exhibitions, including Premiere Classe Paris, Inhorgenta Munich, SOFA NY, SOFA Chicago, and Milano Design Week. Its products are sold in an ever-expanding network of locations, including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, the Maledives, Konstanz, Dubai, and its hometown, Prague.