The exhibition titled Screening presents a selections of works from the most recent editions of the International Serigraphy Symposium Ostrava (ISSO), founded in 2014 at Ostrava University’s Faculty of Arta.

The curators’ selection of works for the exhibition was based on the possibilities of the gallery’s exhibition spaces, with an emphasis on exceptional and inventive approaches to serigraphy and a view to the symposium’s international character. In the gallery’s “Printmaking Crossovers” exhibition space, the exhibition presents around fifty graphic works representing the contemporary face of serigraphy. Besides the technique of serigraphy, their common denominator is above all the phenomenon of colour: not in the sense of the works’ physical (visual) characteristics, but in terms of colour as the result of the paint passing through the template on the screen (after all, an alternative name for serigraphy is screen printing).

The exhibition at the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region is the largest and most representative serigraphy exhibition in the Czech lands in the past three decades, and was organized as part of a broader debate regarding the significance of this technique and the general role of printmaking in contemporary art.