This exhibition presents a curated selection of works by the youngest women painters and sculptors, with a focus on the figure and figuration. Its central motif is the presence of a strong generational statement and a reassessment of the media of painting and sculpture in the post-information age, when works have naturally come to integrate the influence of social networks in particular. Sculpture and painting naturally reshape these external factors into a new experience, or else the artists define themselves against this visually alienating tendency using an entirely original, authentic vocabulary inspired by a number of different sources. In our disconnect between inner and outer experience, our sensitivity towards the world and our way of perceiving it is undergoing a radical transformation, as is our relationship to time and memory. The exhibition title, ABOUT YOU, reflects the idea of narratives of self-reflection and introspection that can be shared with others. Every ‘I’ is transformed into a ‘YOU’. Art thus reflects the world in which we live together and which challenges us to overcome its everyday banality.

The following artists were invited to participate in the exhibition: Adriana Sarnová, Anna Hulačová (sculpture), Gabriela Slaninková, Terezie Frindová, Kateřina Komm (sculpture, object), Sofie Švejdová, Anemari Vardanyan, Laura Limbourg, Ester Knapová, Kateřina Ondrušková and Lucie Rosická (object).