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Jiří Surůvka – Architects of war

Jiří Surůvka – Architects of war

Architects of War presents the work of the Ostrava artist, performer, photographer, curator and university teacher Jiří Surůvka, who is also a co-founder of the ‘Předkapela Lozinski’ (Opening Band Lozinski) performance group, the ‘Přirození’ (The Natural Ones, 1988–1992) art group and the ‘Návrat mistrů zábavy’ (Return of the Masters of Entertainment) cabaret. The gallery’s Printmaking Crossovers exhibition space will show not only Surůvka’s prints but also his paintings and object art. Working with his typical sense for sarcasm and hyperbole, Surůvka creates works critiquing society. His main targets are people’s narrow-mindedness and limitations in relation to ideology and political propaganda. The artist will present several performances as part of the exhibition.

02. 04. 2023 —
17. 09. 2023
The exhibition has already taken place