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Jaroslav Prokeš and Petra Vlachynská – Disposition

Jaroslav Prokeš and Petra Vlachynská – Disposition

Petra Vlachynská and Jaroslav Prokes’s joint exhibition project with the simple yet ambiguous title DISPOSITION works consequently with the specific layout of the ground floor spaces in the north wing of the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region. Through the use of elementary forms, both installations respond to the spatial axes of the former Jesuit College. Petra Vlachynská works with a horizontal view down the north wing’s main corridor, while Jaroslav Prokeš responds to the glass areas to the left of the main entrance from Smíškova Street (Projectroom). In their work, both artists have taken into account the building’s cultural and spiritual history. Quietly and contemplatively, yet also sculpturally and as installations, their works emphatically transform the space and how it is perceived. Their works speak in a language of elemental forms, symbolic intersections and archetypes. A shared theme, one that adds an additional layer of meaning, relates to the phenomenon of attention and the possibilities of perception.

10. 09. 2023 —
14. 01. 2024

Exhibition opening: 9/9