Jan Kubíček is a distinctive representative of Czech progressive art of the second half of the 20th century. His early work was inspired by the Civilism of Group 42, with touches of Informel and Lettrism. Over the course of the sixties, he began to increasingly focus on order and the intertwining, division, or arrangement of simple geometric shapes. He always had a clearly thought-out plan, and his ideas followed a clear inner logic. In his many paintings, objects, drawings, collages, and prints, Kubíček systematically explored various ideas until fully exhausting their potential. In so doing, however, he opened up further possibilities. He also worked with chance, an element that adds life to every system while simultaneously becoming a natural part of it. In this way, he joined the broad international stream of concrete art. The exhibition is built primarily around drawings reflecting the evolution of his artistic vision. This is what makes them key to understanding his work. But their impact is further heightened by various paintings and objects that give the entire exhibition a sense of rhythm and pacing.