Three artists – fashion designer Kateřina Plamitzerová, photographer Michaela Karásková and landscape architect Lucie Králíková – have joined to exhibit the seventh instalment of their Czechia project in GASK’s Whitebox exhibition space. The idea behind Czechia grew out of the artists’ shared love for travel and for discovering various genia loci throughout the Czech Republic. It is a long-term project focused on observing local inhabitants, their customs, and above all their style of clothing, with the aim of gradually recording the specific characteristics of country’s various regions, town, and isolated villages. Working in this manner, since 2017 the three artists have created modern folk costumes for Ostrava, Třinec, Mikulášovice, and Sušice. Their work was presented at Designblok in 2017 and 2018, and also at the Czech Centre in London’s Kensington Palace Gardens.

Czechia No. 7is focused primarily on a study of Kutná Hora and the search for the specific qualities of and new contexts in local folk culture. The exhibition presents the artists’ original interpretation of regional folk customs through collages, photographs, drawings, and articles of clothing.