Now in its seventh year, Artikl magazine reports on the most interesting elements of non-mainstream culture. Each thematic issue presents a variety of essays and commentaries, as well as reviews from the world of art, theatre, dance, film, music, and literature. As part of the PRO ART project, we present a curated selection of the artworks published on the magazine’s cover. Artikl – Seven Years with Art thus takes a look not only at the magazine, but also at seven distinctive artists working with various media who are an integral part of the young and middle generation of artists.

Exhibiting artists:

SVĚTLANA FIALOVÁ (multimedia art with an emphasis on drawing), JAKUB MATUŠKA AKA MASKER (painting with elements of graffiti), JAKUB NEPRAŠ (digital installations), ARGIŠT ALAVERDYAN (abstract painting), ELIÁŠ DOLEJŠÍ (sculpture, site-specific installations), ANDREA BAŠTÝŘOVÁ (object art, painting, drawing), ELIZABETH HAUST (photography)