Darja Kukal Moiseeva (born 1998, Karlovy Vary) hails from an artistic family and engaged in her first attempts at composing music when she was five years old. She is a graduate of the Prague Conservatory, where she studied classical composition under Jiří Gemrot.

Her recent successes at music competitions include Honourable Mention for Vita Magica for a men’s vocal sextet at the tenth anniversary edition of the Stonavská Barborka composition competition, as well as second place for her composition Calmness II for clarinet and vibraphone at the international Leonardo 4 Children Awards, a competition that places great value on peace in the world.

In 2021, Moiseeva founded her own music school called Darja’s School of Music, where she aims to develop the musical talents of preschool children. Also since 2021, she has regularly collaborated with the Horní Slavkov Elementary School, where she organizes a series of Composers’ Afternoons. At these lessons, children improvise, create and compose shorter pieces together. She would like to continue to use such collaborative projects to develop children’s creativity and imagination.