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Vojtěch Trocha and Vojtěch Hrubant – ZKUSMOS

Vojtěch Trocha and Vojtěch Hrubant – ZKUSMOS

The name of the exhibition, ZKUSMOS, is an original neologism invented to describe the working approach applied by the artistic duo and friends from Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts Vojtěch Trocha and Vojtěch Hrubant. Although at first glance Trocha’s art differs from Hrubant’s and vice versa, both artists produce works of an experimental nature that share a love for craftsmanship and an interest in history. Another important bond is their sense for humour and hyperbole, which permeates works made from a wide variety of often unusual materials. Each working in his own way, they seek and discover, explore, experiment, and arrange bits and pieces to create their own particular ZKUSMOS.

26. 03. 2023 —
20. 08. 2023
#Projectroom #Experimental Space
The exhibition has already taken place