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Svatopluk Slovenčík – Field of Presence

Svatopluk Slovenčík – Field of Presence

The exhibition by Svatopluk Slovenčík at GASK focuses chiefly on his work on paper, which fully reflects how he thoroughly explored his chosen themes in clearly defined conceptual series. Slovenčík’s drawings represent a kind of ‘laboratory of the mind’ in terms of how he uses a number of different compositional or thematic variations to test out the potential of the given subject matter. In the intimate yet monumentally elaborated space of Slovenčík’s drawings, we can most clearly feel what curator Ludvík Ševeček called his ‘search for order amidst the dynamism of life’.

13. 10. 2024 —
02. 03. 2025
#Printmaking crossovers #Blackbox
Upcoming exhibition

Opening: 12.10.2024