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Kutná Hora Illumination tourist sticker

Tourist stickers are a kind of souvenir that you can stick into your tourist journal.



Bar code

Stick the bar code into the form at the rear of your journal, which you then send back to the journal’s publisher. Your visit is then recorded in your personal profile.

Main part

The main part of the tourist sticker contains a photograph and useful information about the place you visited. Stick it in the main part of your journal.

Snippet about visited place

A miniature sticker with basic information (name, ID number, category, region) about the visited place, which you stick in the overview of visited places in the front part of your journal.

Snippet with English translation

Every WanderCard includes an English translation of the name and description of the visited place. Stick it in the right-hand part of your overview of visited places.

Wander stamp

A black-and-white image with a motif from the tourist sticker, made to look like a stamp. Stick it on the left margin in the right-hand part of your journal.


5 x 13 cm, 5 polí