Become a partner of GASK!

Targeted giving is one way in which companies communicate with the public. Sponsors or partners take an active role in public life in the field of culture. In this way, major companies can shape their image by choosing which areas of public life to support.

GASK offers several forms of partnership.

GASK partners are:

  • Important and progressive companies with the courage to support a unique cultural project…
  • Socially responsible companies that support projects serving the public…
  • Successful businesses that appreciate a creative approach – creativity is the essence of art

Lýdie Jíchová – (tel: 608 757 715)

Partnership options


CZK 5,000 

Bronze partner

CZK 10,000

Silver partner

CZK 20,000 

Gold partner

CZK 40,000

Platinum partner

CZK 60,000

free admission to the gallery + admission for one extra person
Invitations to VIP events
2 free admissions to events organised by GASK
50% discount on catalogues published by GASK
public acknowledgment by the moderator at exhibition openings, events
discount on venue rentals
company logo (with link) on website
your roll-up banner at an event
post / acknowledgment on FB page and post in Instagram Stories (5,000 followers, page reach: 25,000)
stand/booth for presenting your products
flyer or advertising item placed alongside exhibition materials
option of showing your promo video at an event
acknowledgement with link in newsletter
(newsletter is sent to approx. 5,000 addresses 2x per month)