2012 / 2021
concrete, glass fibre, paint

Jindřich Zeithamml (born 1949) is a highly respected artist both at home and abroad whose sculptures have undeniably earned their place on the international art scene. His works can be found in public and private collections in Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, the United States and the Czech Republic, including GASK.

Zeithamml studied at the school of sculpture and stonemasonry in Hořice, followed by a brief stint at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (1968). After emigrating, he attended (and graduated from) the State Academy of Fine Arts in Düsseldorf (1976–1982). He later taught at the Prague Academy from 1995 to 2016. His work has earned him numerous awards and he has created a number of important public works, such as a sculpture in the building of the president of North Rhine-Westphalia in Düsseldorf. The three sculptures collectively titled To the Three are a minimalist combination of geometric shapes that, broadly speaking, represent balance and harmony. The concrete shells are accentuated by the symbolic use of colour. The sculptures are placed on the lawn in front of the Staff House, where they invite viewers to pause and reflect.