In this exhibition of recent works, Vojtěch Horálek (*1983, Prague) follows up on his earlier exhibition Sun Bath (Galerie kritiků, Prague), which focused on the subject of sunbathing and water-related fun. The exhibition title Large Bathing is not meant as a reference to Paul Cézanne’s famous painting but as a nod to the popular leisure-time activity of the 1980s as a symbol of the modern lifestyle’s cult of the well-toned body, but also its superficiality, ephemeralness, and hidden competitiveness and voyeurism. Horálek’s unusual style, which combines a mastery of painting with collages made of recycled materials and bits of textiles, gives his paintings, objects, and reliefs an authentic, almost mysterious, feel and reflects reality with subtle humor, hyperbole, elements of the fantastical, and a unique sense of imagination.