Pavel Tichoň (*1980) has put together two site-specific installations for the Jesuit College. His work is of an intuitive nature and is also interdisciplinary in its use of history, myths, and philosophy. The installation in the Baroque baths is inspired by the ancient Oracle of Delphi and by man’s contemporary need for certainties and search for answers in daily horoscopes. Overloaded by numbers, words, and symbols, and suffering from a lack of time and space, man is not only confined and limited, but is also told where and when he must be. We know this experience from government offices and public institutions where a machine spits out a number telling us our place in line. The Unknowing Not-Knowing is defined by the visuality and imagination of text. Tichoň translates text into modern oracle whose statements are displayed on a LED panel or in illuminated boxes filled with empty, nonsensical phrase that nevertheless make an impact on the viewer.