MICL, real name Michal Novotný is a painter and sculptor from Brno. From 1990 to 1997, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where he studied under professors Jiří Načeradský, Karel Nepraš and Jiří David. He has worked with the Luxus and Natvrdlí (The Blockheads) art groups. He paints dreamlike, hallucinogenic and downright phantasmagorical landscapes with rows of grain, marijuana, flying melons, citruses and carrots. His canvases often include sculpturally stylised self-portraits or even animals: cows, pigs, cats or dolphins. The exhibition at Café Fatal presents all areas of his work, including unusually coloured golden-red paintings as well as paintings overflowing with bright and glowing colours. Working in a magic-realist style, he depicts improbably situations or extra-galactic encounters that feel like geysers of unfettered fantasies, boundless imagination and joy from fully experienced human existence. MICL’s exhibition will also include a work of sculpture.

He lives in Prague, where he works with sculpture and painting.