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Educational programmes for visitors with vision impairments

Educational programmes for visitors with vision impairments

The GASK Learning Centre has put together a series of interesting programmes that introduce visitors with visual impairments to the permanent exhibition States of Mind / Beyond the Image – Interventions and Innovations.
With support from the Ministry of Culture, we have created four new haptic transcriptions of works from the GASK collections. The programmes in this package are designed for age-homogeneous groups of no more than 10 people. These creative encounters with art involve elements of drama and music therapy with the use of compensatory aids.

GASK without Barriers: Programmes for visitors with vision impairments3 programmes

TARGET GROUP: Visitors with visual impairments (vision less, low vision and partially sighted). Not suited for deaf-blind individuals. / AGE: age-homogeneous groups – children from grade 4 and up (congenital disabilities) / children able to orient themselves by touch (acquired disabilities) / adults able to orient themselves by touch (congenital and acquired disabilities)

Programmes may be reserved by contacting the GASK Learning Centre.

Admission: CZK 30 per person.

What happened on the way, or: From landscape to painting

During this programme, participants will use elements of drama and music therapy to learn about a painting by Antonín Střížek. In our approach, we place an emphasis on the use of compensatory aids. The main themes that we will be sharing are the experience of (and experiences gained by) travel. In the end, we will create our own landscape. We will play, sing, create and perhaps even … travel.

The eye, a window to the past

The eyes are windows onto the soul and reveal hidden secrets. What lies hidden in the gazes of the guardians of the Normalization era? We will answer this and other questions in a programme focussed on the depiction and expression of emotions as we discover moods and emotions in the art of Květa Válová and depict them through art and drama in an attempt at representing the dramatic events of 1968 and 1969.

Together to Bethlehem, or Without lines there is no expression

What happens when we raise our eyebrows, smile or stick out our tongue? This experiential programme based on the line art of Ivan Sobotka develops emotional sensibilities, mutual respect and cooperation. Participants will engage in practical tasks with the use of compensatory aids in order to learn the basic rules of linear art as they apply their new-found knowledge in their own creative activity.